We should have guessed that Josie would be part of the 1%, what with her expensive tastes and life of leisure. In this case, Josie is in the 1% of height and the 32% in weight – meaning, she is growing out and not up. I guess she missed Matt’s giant genes on that one! She may have gotten our chunky cheek genes though.



Josie has been working on her transition from being a newborn to being a straight-up baby. That has included sleeping 2-4 hours at a time, wearing 0-3 month old clothing, laughing, and loving tree staring.


tree staring at the crack of 10am (hence the PJ’s) 


I have one more week until I go back to work – WAH! I guess Josie and I both will have to get over our addiction to People magazine and the Ellen show.


OMG mom, Beyonce looks fab!

Josie met her cousins Emmett and Henry a couple weeks ago. It was a pile of cuteness. 


Emmett, “give me that baby!” Henry, “oh Emmett” Josie, “Eeeeek” ImageImageImage

Smile of the week:

We have been seeing lots of smiles, even when we have trouble smiling back due to painful lack of sleep. 


I pooped, ahhhhh

Black pack shot of the week:

I am going to sneak the rest of the family in with this one because it is our most recent family portrait. It took many tries and is as perfect as we are going to get:




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2 responses to “1%er

  1. Autumn

    Your family is the cutest! Love you guys!

  2. lissa cenis

    The picture of you and Josie looking up is a very beautiful one of you. I also love thne one of Henry’s cute eyes and Emmett wanting to pick Josie up. This was fun to read. Love, mom

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