Getting Out

It is HARD to get out of the house with a newborn hanging around. There are several hurdles that have prohibited Matt and I from getting out of the door before 11am.

1. Getting up to feed and change the milk monster at 12, 2, 4, 6, 8….etc. Sometimes we are both so tired in the morning it hurts. A question I often ask myself is, to shower or not to shower??? Also, what day is it?

2. Getting baby dressed. This mish-mash clash is what happens when I don’t oversee the process:

3. Becco carrier, car seat, Moby sling (AKA man uterus), BOB stroller? How should we tote this baby around? We took our first hike yesterday and tried out the Becco carrier. Josie fell out the side of it when she was around 5lbs, but now at 8lbs it works great!

Moments before the snow storm hit

I get to carry all the gear

4. Peeling Matt away from his construction projects. I don’t have many after shots yet, just works in progress. It takes him an extra long time to get anything done when he can’t use the nail gun because baby is sleeping. He did manage to put in a laundry shoot which is AWESOME! Now if there were only laundry elves living in the basement to do the laundry once it goes down the shoot…a girl can dream.

Hole to the basement

Hole in the wall

Pipe is in and I do the honors

Matt has also been busy on the stairs – he started and finished the banister 5 days before Josie popped out. The cabinet doors are 3/4 done (where the red curtains are in the pics) but he won’t let me share a picture until they are 100%…he promised before the next post, right Matt?:


Why winter projects suck

Ghost railing

3 doors down, one to go

5. Losing everything. Baby brain does not go away when the baby is born, much to my dismay, it actually gets worse. I have missed several appointments because I lost track of what day it was, lost car keys (Matt is tearing the house apart as I write this because I blamed losing them on him this time), forgot my wallet…etc. I hope I get my brain back someday.

Cute Black Pack Pic of the week

So neglected and pathetic. At least they still have each other…..

Smile of the week

I can’t get over how intoxicating Josie’s smiles are. She is probably dreaming about milk or making a poop – her two favorite pastimes:


I couldn’t help myself and had to post this pic for no good reason because it’s just plain adorable:



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2 responses to “Getting Out

  1. Autumn

    aaahhh! cutest little picture ever!

  2. fencey

    She is amazing! That least pic is so freaking cute it made me cry at my desk! ALSO — tell Matt that his construction projects are AWESOME!! The shelves and cabinets under the stairs are so great! What I great catch you have there… 🙂 Not to mention, you two produce a seriously adorable bebe!!

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