The Great Memorial Day Adventure

We took Josie to the ranch for the first time this past weekend – it was also the first time we had been back since our wedding almost exactly a year ago. It was quite the adventure – almost everything is with a baby  and two wild dogs in tow! Friday night we stayed at the Sacajawea Hotel in Three Forks, MT. It is an AMAZING 100 year old hotel that was fully renovated last year. Josie thought the bed was especially comfortable.

We cheaped out and only got one tiny room, so we had the pleasure of listening to Josie all night. Here is a typical minute of her sleep noisemaking: sigh,sigh,sigh,sigh, GRUNT, (pause for 5 seconds without breathing – parents have a slight heart attack), sigh, sigh, coo, coo, coo, GRUNT, sigh, sigh, sigh, gurgle, sneeze, sigh, sigh….and on and on. Matt and I had to sleep with pillows over our heads and ear plugs to drown out the racket.

Dad’s morning newspaper in the lobby

Rough night

On Saturday we headed into Bozeman to introduce Josie to her great grandma Barb – how many of you have those!? They really hit it off.

The adventure continued as we drove to the ranch. Josie only likes riding in the car when I sit in the back and entertain her – drive on Jeeves (Matt)!

Umm, where am I?

I packed for Memorial Day weekend like I always did in DC, with flip flops, a sun dress, sunscreen and shades. There was hope for a sunny Sunday when we went to bed:

Then we woke up to 3″ of snow…..:

spring blizzard!

If this blizzard had hit last year 3 weeks before our outdoor wedding, I would have been VERY worried. But it was quiet and calming this year. Despite the calm, we hightailed it out of there before we got stuck – but not before some dog snow frisbee!

I packed Josie mostly cute summer clothing too, what is wrong with me!? Where do I live again? So we had to layer.

I think these leg warmers were made for a supermodel baby..or a 3 year old

All and all, it was a great couple of days on the road with the fam.

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