A Swingin’ Set

Well, hello again, it’s been a long time. I hope you didn’t think that I fell off the face of the earth….I just happen to have a wild three-year-old who consumes my time and creativity. Most days, basic survival is prioritized over blogging.

Hi, I'm loco

Hi, I’m loco

Pretty much nothing has changed since I posted 9 months ago – I am still running slowly and we are, again, attempting to improve our postage stamp backyard.

The hell patio/sod project from last year (queue PTSD!) was long forgotten when we hatched this new spring idea to contain Josie and keep her from going to the park every day – a backyard swing set. I looked on Amazon and found rickety, cheap metal sets, and thought “BINGO!” lets just order one of these. Wood-man builder Matt had other plans.

I knew we were in trouble when he started googling “do-it-yourself-play-set-castle-and-zip-line” and “DIY-wooden-fortress-swing-and-slide-jungle-gyms.” Oh crap, here we go again. Then he started drawing. By the end of the drawing session we had a multi-swing, monster slide and climbing wall project all sketched out. Josie was even doing her homework to decide what she wanted.

Hmm, I think triple-decker will work

Hmm, I think triple-decker will work

Last weekend, we packed up the whole fam and headed out for a day of swing set searching. On the 3rd hour, 2nd snack break, and 5th store we found the DIY swing-set Mecca, Home Depot.

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Matt decided that the wood called for in the kit needed to be doubled in strength and size. I think that this swing set will be the only structure standing after the rapture. He also decided that the slide called for was too short and lame and he should supersize it for a more wild ride. Friends with kids, do not fear, we are planning to increase our home owners insurance policy.

Lame baby slide to green monster

Lame baby slide to green monster

Josie was such a huge help that we (Matt) did not finish in one day. I was also a huge help and used my many skills to sand one post, screw in 10 boards, take pictures and drink beer. In a shocking turn of events, Matt actually followed the directions!

A man reading directions!?

A man reading directions!?

Always helping

Always helping

Up she goes!

Up she goes!

Jacked up platform for monster slide - safety not included

Jacked up platform for monster slide – safety not included

Josie woke up Sunday morning to a new swing set and pouring rain. A little rain did not stop her from getting out there and testing the goods – she is a hearty Montana girl!


The postage stamp is officially full. On to the next project….

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  1. lissa cenis

    Just yesterday I thought I’d start an online petition to get you to continue your blog and voila here was a great one to wake up to. Great job. Love the pictures and rapture line. Yea. You are back.

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