Who is this Yankee chick?

A true Yankee at heart, I was born and raised in the Green Mountain State, better known as Vermont. I spent the last few years kickin’ around Washington, DC working in politics, meeting my boyfriend fiance husband Matt and trying to get used to city life. Well, let’s just say that I never became the city gal able to survive a full day in stiletto’s, twitter on her iPhone and aggressively navigate the beltway while giving everyone in the way the finger. I am now heading out to living in Missoula, Montana with Matt, our daughter Josie and two crazy cattle-dogs on the hunt for slow, clean, simple way of life. In the process, I hope to learn the ways of the west which obviously include becoming a cowgirl, or at the least a barrel racer – from what I understand, both require riding horses which is on my “must learn to survive in the west” list. This list will obviously grow as I realize all the things necessary for integration and happiness in the wild west.

2 responses to “Who is this Yankee chick?

  1. Jill

    Hey Kate!
    I love your blog. You have a natural talent for writing, I’ll say! I will definitely bookmark and return for updates.
    Hope to see you when you head back to New England in a couple of weeks!
    Congrats to you and Matt – we’d love to meet him!

  2. Diane Cenis Morrison

    My uncle is Skip Cenis (my father , Ted -Edward- was Skips brother). My son discovered your blog and we are both wondering what your relationship is to our family. If I was to guess I would say you are related to the family thru Tom Cenis. Whatever, as a person very interested in genealogy, I always love to add to the family tree. Diane Cenis Morrison-Spokane WA

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