Naughty Napper Update

Do I know my kid or what!? It turns out that all my fears of Josie not napping on the floor in the big kid room at school were right on. We are 1.5 weeks into this grand experiment and she has yet to nap. She will lay down on her fancy nap-pad and stare at the ceiling while someone rubs her belly. The second a teacher stops rubbing she jumps up and runs over to a sleeping kid and wakes them up by yelling in their face.

At home she explains: “I wake up Russell today!” “I yell BOO and Wren wake up!” “Lucy NO nap, Josie NO nap!”

Josie with no nap is like a mini whirlwind-tantrum-pile-of-mad-mush-devil by the time she is picked up from school. This is what we are up against every night:

Wahhh! I need sleep!

Wahhh! I hate sleep!

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