Naughty Napper

Tomorrow we embark on a new adventure, Josie napping cribless in the big kid room at school. This might not seem like a big deal to most of you, unless you know Josie. Josie + napping has equaled nightmare for 2 years. From day one Josie made it clear that under no circumstance would she succumb to daytime sleep – and she would make our lives Hell if we tried to make her. She also refused to sleep through the night for one painful year….thank the gods of sleep that those days are behind us.

Sleep you say? Make me!

Sleep you say? Make me!

The days that are NOT behind us are the days of naughty napping. I drive like a maniac from work at 5pm every day to get Josie at school. I approach with feelings of excitement to see her and dread for the nap report. Here are the most common reports:

“No nap today and she is feeling a little emotional” (we hear this one 4 days a week)

Emotional school pick-up

Emotional school pick-up

“Josie and her friend jumped up and down in their cribs singing the wheels on the bus for an hour before we gave up on a nap.”

“Josie took off all her clothes and diaper and wiped poop all over her face and crib and ate some.”

We have received this last disturbing report several times. After making jokes about our little Pablo Poocasso and wondering if we pay our teachers enough, we had to face the facts. Josie is a Houdini who can escape any type of sleep clothing ever made including, but not limited to:

Onesies over pjs
Pinned zipper pjs
Backwards pjs with onesies over them
Duct taped onesies over pinned pjs

We would watch the Houdini escape every night on our video monitor in amazement. What to do? To the internet parents! Without sounding like I am sponsored by this company, we found the Little Keeper Sleeper pjs website that promised frustration for Houdini kids and sleep for parents. A mom with triplet Houdini’s designed these lock-box pjs and I commend her. We are sending her triplets to college with the money we have spent on her pjs, so I guess that is thanks enough. Our successful sleep routine now includes trampoline jumping + standard issue Little Keeper Sleepers.

Tomorrow we are releasing the Kracken on the peaceful nap room filled with slumbering toddlers. I can picture the call around 2pm; “uhh, Josie kept the whole school awake running laps over the kids and singing little bunny foo foo at the top of her lungs.” If you are a parent of one of these kids who will not be sleeping this week, I’m sorry. All I can say is that no sleep sure beats eating poo.

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