House Project Progress for T-Day

Happy post-Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is recovered from binge eating, drinking and family time. I was looking forward to stuffing my face for two this year, but it turns out that VBJ is taking up the extra belly room I was reserving for food. We offered to host dinner, which meant that Matt went crazy trying to make progress on some house project loose ends. Here are some shots of the progress in action.

Hallway to the bathroom (right door) and baby room (left door):



After (almost, just need trim)

Under the stairs:



Almost after

Matt would be upset if I didn’t mention that most of the trim is not done and there will be doors on the bottom cabinets when he gets a break from law school in January. The baby room has a ways to go, so sit tight for that big reveal – I promise it will be before mid-March.

This is what Blue and I did while Matt was busting his butt…..

With the projects mostly done, we had 15 people over for turkey day including, 3 rambunctious boys, 3 pregnant ladies, and 3 dogs. It was a blast!


Eating for 6!

Cute Black Pack pics of the week:

I decided to weasel my way into one of the dog pics – I am part of the pack too!

Winter - Yay! Can you tell who is who?

Mom (25 weeks preggers) and her bad babies


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3 responses to “House Project Progress for T-Day

  1. Lissa

    Yikes, my daughter is pregnant and so beautiful !!!!!

  2. Lissa

    Oops. I was blinded by the pregnant lady. The hall and the stairs are amazing too. Nice job Matt. Love, Lissa

  3. Jen

    TK — you look AMAZING!!! And I agree with Lissa – GREAT job on the renovation. The shelves under the stairs totally rock! Love you guys!!! – Jen

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