Death by Chocolate

It’s no secret that pregnant ladies and dogs love chocolate. For both of us, Halloween is a GREAT holiday filled with candy, cookies and chocolate. While I should be watching my sugar intake, I just can’t help but indulge. VBJ loves sweets! Blue and Wade also love sweets, and especially chocolate, which happens to be toxic to dogs……

I came home yesterday to the baby gate knocked down and the trash from our trash can all over the floor. This was not the worst trash disaster in history, except that those little scoundrels had eaten 2 bags of Halloween chocolate. They picked the Snickers and Crunch bars (good choices) and only the bags were left…which means they even ate all the wrappers!

crime scene

I called the vet and she said to give them hydrogen peroxide to make them puke. A friend came rushing over with the goods and I tricked the dogs into drinking it with V-8. I will not torture you with pictures of the several piles of puke that came up, but I will just say that the proof was in the puke pudding – Wade was clearly guilty of all the chocolate snarfing. Don’t fret, in a couple of hours they were back to their annoying selves.

I’m also guilty of chocolate snarfing. I have never been a chocolate or dessert person, but boy am I now. I snuck a couple cupcakes into the cart at the grocery store with Matt, and was trying to rip the package open right when I walked in the door and ended up dropping them on the floor. I cried, cut off the dust and hair parts then ate them anyway….oh, the joys of pregnancy.

My pumpkins

Matt and I headed out on the town (for two hours) on Saturday night to show off our costumes and check out all the other freaks. We decided to be Hawaiian honeymooners since it looks like we will not be having a honeymoon anytime soon, and I can’t go to a work conference this week in Hawaii because of my dumb busted back, sigh.

Happy honeymooners (one on right would be happier with a Pina Colada)

fanny pack + socks + sandals = sinful

Cute Wu pic of the week:

I know that this may look more scary then cute, but this is how Blue and Wade make-out and kiss all day.


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2 responses to “Death by Chocolate

  1. addy

    you both are really cute Hawaiian tourists!!!

  2. addy

    also, awesome pumpkin, i will have to show max!! he also wanted me to tell you he was a leopard for halloween this year!

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