Good Tree Hunting

Matt and I bought a $5 permit from the Forest Service this past weekend and headed out into the wilderness (100’s of feet off the road) to find the perfect Christmas tree.

I found it!

Matt cut it (Blue was busy hunting)

I pretended to carry it

Matt actually carried it back to the car

Ta-da! Charlie Brown has never looked so good

Pregnancy Update – I bundled up for a long, cold, 1 block trek to the gas station last night for some pregnancy must-haves:

When I got home Matt dug into my ice cream and informed me that Pepto is not optimal to use during pregnancy according to his research, good thing I got back-up Tumms! See ya acid reflux!

There will be no cute Black Pack pic this week because they are driving us crazy!! Apparently they did not get the memo about the time change a month ago and have been waking us up at 5:45AM every day. We are taking dramatic measures because baby, baby mama and stressed out law student need their sleep!

Stay tuned for my 1 year anniversary tribute to Wade joining our pack on Dec. 16th. By the way he has been acting recently, I don’t think he knows that there is a 1 year return policy we can still use in the next 2 weeks… For example:

Mmmmmm, compost

I'm caught in the act!

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