Ice Fishing and the Inversion Diversion

Fans (former fans?), again, sorry for the delay in posting! It seems like life is conspiring against my posts – darn life. I have been traveling and cleaning up Wade, Blue and Matt messes (not sure which one is worse), and have not had a second to write in the past 2 weeks. In that time I did manage to have a smidge of fun. Check it.

First, my loco colleagues talked me into winter fly-fishing. I didn’t catch a thing, but I felt pretty hard-core for going at all. I mean, who stands hip deep in a half-frozen river dodging icebergs while trying to catch the big one? I do! The most fun part of the day was constantly avoiding sketchy ice shelves and not falling through the hip deep snow. All three of us took Cirque du Soleil-esq falls, but we didn’t mind much since the sun was out and shining.

NOT a stable shelf

Fishing self portrait

The next weekend a friend and I threw a kickin’ dance party at our house called the Inversion Diversion. Needless to say, winter can get a little grey and long in Missoula and people start to lose touch with reality. What better way to boost your mood than with a little booty shakin’! I actually felt much worse the next day after participating in the “worm” competition and bruising every bone in my body….it was a tough reminder that I am not 15 anymore. Luckily nobody caught that on film!

DJ G in the booth! Blue looking on

Everybody over here...

Hands up!

When not DJ'ing, I'm shooting

The party was so epic that these pants were left behind as a casualty of the dance floor. If you are wondering, nobody left pantless.

Are these your pants?

Blue spent the party whoring herself out for treats. I saw her perform her whole routine – sit, shake, other paw, down, up-up, relax, roll-over. She was pretty proud of herself and FULL by the end of the night.

In sad news, Wade lost his home-alone free-roaming privileges last week. He was upset that I left him for 4 days on a work trip, and like a little brat decided to ruin the whole house in one fell swoop. Matt came home to chewed up baskets that hold our mail, trash everywhere, an ingested iPad case, pieces of our wooden tongs (the rest in his belly), half a spatula, two shredded carpenters pencils, all of his toys destroyed and (drum roll please) all 15 boxes of jewelry I bought for the ladies in my wedding torn to shreds and eaten. He liked the taste of the boxes better than the earrings and necklaces, thank goodness!

Cute Blade pics of the week:

Blue and Wade spend hours wrestling and making out. I finally caught them in the act, and it was ridiculously cute:

Wade is the big one on his back

Blue kisses on Wade....then bites him

Bunny update since the last post – She has an ear and a leg left as of last night….If she was not hidden right now I am sure Wade would be finishing her off.

Help me!

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