Dogs vs. Wedding

It has become clear in the last 2 weeks that the black pack does not want me and Matt to get married. As I described in the last post, Wade thought he could dissolve our pending nuptials by chewing up the wedding party jewelry. Blue pitched in last night by eating our vows homework that my godfather, Doug, mailed us to work on. We have known for a long time that Blue loves to chew on envelopes – Maybe similar to how kids like to eat glue? But this time there was nothing left of the envelope – like, totally gone….

When Matt said that he did not want to tell me over the phone what one of our dogs did, I immediately thought Wade had been bad. Wade now lives in a kennel during the day (sad), so it occurs to me that maybe Blue is the real culprit and has been framing Wade….Smart cow dog!

I was also very grateful that neither of the dogs destroyed the wedding favors that I bribed a group of 8 ladies to work on all day Sunday. My mom spent about a month sewing all the dish towels for the wedding and then sent them to my seemingly capable hands to stencil. I had been staring at the boxes for months and finally decided to act!

The sweatshop activities started around 1 p.m. with mimosas, bloody Mary’s, Quiche, and sticky buns – the last person left around 6 p.m.

Sweatshop is all set up

The final product

Stencil sisters

Expert towel transport

drying and ironing

Folding and stacking expert

Matt hid out in the man shack claiming that he was doing “law school homework.” When he finally emerged, I had saved him stacks of towels to iron. Ironing is a new skill for Matt, but he did great!

Wine helps productivity

Thank you Kyra, Jodi, Mo, Bri, Cass, Ali, Laura, and Jamie!

Cute black pack pic of the week:

Can you tell them apart yet? Don’t worry, half the time Matt can’t either.

Wade and Blue sandwich

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