The Bowl, day 1

I took another huge step to becoming a legitimate Missoulian last weekend…I went skiing at the local hill, Snowbowl. I had heard some intriguing statements about this magical mountain including; best bar in Missoula, best pizza ever, best bloody Marys, and good skiing…I had to check this place out.

I had not skied on my new knee yet so I had serious butterflies driving up to the hill. It was a beautiful sunny day, the snow was great, the griz chairlift only broke down once and I had an awesome time! The best part was that we were a pack of 7 gals ripping it up (look out!).

Gear up!!

I decided it was a good idea to bomb down the hill as fast as possible on my first run to test out my new gear and to see if I still knew how to ski. Yup, I still knew how to ski, and how to crash. Luckily I was miles in front of all the other ladies because of my reckless speeding, and they did not see the biff.

Missoula (and Matt) is under that sea of clouds!

I slowed my roll and enjoyed the rest of the day upright, except when I was sitting down from fatigue, which was between every run.

Thumb up

My legs felt like jell-o jigglers by lunchtime, but it was nothing a little pizza and bloody Marys couldn’t cure. They both lived up to the hype!

Thanks for the introduction ladies. After a weeks rest, I am finally able to walk again and can’t wait to get back up there!

Cute Blue pic of the week:

Blue has also been a little reckless recently. As you know, she is ball-a-holic and doesn’t care if the snow and ice tears her feet apart to play fetch. Nobody likes bloody snow, but we also don’t like Blue acting homicidal when she has not had enough exercise. I have resorted to putting her booties on for walks, and she HATES them. I took her to the dog park with all 4 on today and she was humiliated.

Nice blue booties Blue

Matt, Blue and I have BIG news coming up, so stayed tuned for a special Friday blog….

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  1. Where’s the special Friday post? Don’t keep your fans hanging!!

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