Yesterday was great. I hope it was great for all of you too! What was not that great was that it was the first Thanksgiving Matt and I did not spend with family – sad. Luckily, we were adopted by some friends and stuffed to the brim like a turduckin. I was thinking about what I was thankful for, and obviously family, my mom, health and booze happiness are the most important, but what comes after that? Here is my top 10:

10. A rockin’ furnace. Many of you may remember that almost exactly a year ago disaster struck and our furnace went out on a -30 degree night. It has been below zero for a week and we have been toasty…mmm, heat.

9. Blue not running away. She has never run away deliberately, or at least that’s what we tell ourselves, but she has gone on many “alone adventures” as Matt calls them. She always comes back (or we find her miles away), probably because she is a spoiled brat who likes sleeping between us in a nice warm bed. We went x-country skiing yesterday and Blue was on the hunt for a fun deer to chase, but she stuck around – thank you Blue dog!

My trick for Blue sticking around = treats

3. The man shack. I love Matt a lot, but it’s nice when he heads out back to do boring law school stuff like writing, reading, or staring aimlessly at the wall. When Matt is in the man shack I can watch my girly shows like Glee, Grey’s Anatomy and Parenthood without getting made fun of – thanks man shack.

1st snow, Nov. 17th

7. Snow!! Last year we had no snow, but I was happy about that since I was heading into knee surgery #3 in January. This year, however, we are getting dumped on and my knees are just fine. Look-out Snowbowl, here I come. Thank you snow gods!

Blue and Matt on the move

6. A job (paycheck). how else would I be able to buy snow gear and lift tickets?

5. Food. I am eating leftovers from last night right now and while my arteries may be closing, I am thank-full….of food.

4. The North Side. I love this neighborhood and could not be more thankful to live here. It is like a mullet–business in the front(yard) and party in the back(yard).

Fall day on the block

3. Friends. Moving across the country I was sad to leave my friends, and scared that I did now know a soul in Missoula. After a lot of bribing, begging and inviting myself places, I have found a wonderful group of women to hang with – thanks ladies!

2. Montana. If you have not come to visit me yet, please invite yourself. This place is amazing, wild and full of adventures to be had. Don’t worry, I still love you Vermont!

1. A wonderful man to marry.

Teddy Roosevelt and Frida Kahlo - opposites attract

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  1. fencey

    Awww! I’m so thankful that even though there are thousands of miles between us, you are still a huge part of my life and one of my best friends. Love you!

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