“Spring” in Montana

Ahhh, spring in Montana. Brilliant wildflowers, green hills, chirping birds…those things will all be lovely when they finally appear in a few months. For now, we are enjoying snow-covered flowers, sloppy hikes, gale forced winds and the sun peeking through every 3rd day or so. This did not stop us from filling our raised beds with dirt last weekend in the snow, and building a hoop house. What’s a hoop house you ask? It’s a low-budget green house made of clear plastic and PVC pipes. We got a little over excited and planted potatoes and peas too, they now live under protective sheets 24/7 – please pray for them.

Waaah! Stop snowing

Stay strong little flowers!

Taking a hike break in the snow

I decided to get a jump on spring and plant some seeds. Some of them even sprouted. Mmmm, future veggies.

In conclusion, if it’s over 50 degrees where you are reading this, enjoy it and keep it to yourself!

Since I am clearly obsessed with my dog and can’t help but show off her cuteness, I am now naming this portion of my blog the “Adorable Blue Pic of the Week.” This one was taken on April 7th in Bozeman….

Belly cooling


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2 responses to ““Spring” in Montana

  1. Hey TK and Matt! Spring has been quite nice here in DC, we definitely miss you guys! But as soon as you really get spring there (no more snow at least) it will be 90 degrees and 95% humidity here, ugh.

    I’m very impressed with your veggie sprouts. I would like to come over in a few months for an awesome salad 🙂

    • tkatecenis

      Thanks Janet! I am so jealous of your new crown molding it’s not even funny. Your house looks SO great! Come over for a salad and a Montana slab of meat anytime.

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