First Fishing and the H-Bomb

Oh boy, it’s your lucky day! I haven’t posted a blog in so long that I need to post a two-fer-one deal to catch up. So, here goes.

It’s that time of year again when the Missoula gear stores are hoppin’ and the town clears out and heads for the mountains, rivers and lakes. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book here, sadly ours is only a two-day adventure every weekend, so we have to make it count.

The adventure we chose two weekends ago was shopping for waders that fit me. For you city folk reading this, waders are those ugly waterproof pants that allow crazy people to stand chest deep in rushing water – they are also the last pair of pants I ever thought I would own. It turns out that according to the wader companies, all people who go fishing are tall. You might ask why didn’t I just try kids waders? I did, but the company that makes these things assumes that kids don’t have womanly hips so I could not even get them past my knees. I tried a couple of ladies versions that didn’t work because I’m a midget. Matt found me a pair he was excited about because they said “Queen” on the package. He obviously has never been shopping for tights or nylons, and thought “Queen” signified the personality of the fisherwoman, not her size. I settled on a pair of men’s small waders that are slightly too long, have great front pockets, are a cute color combo of green and grey (don’t tell Matt I said that), came with a fab belt to accentuate my waist, and were kind of affordable.

How else would I show off my new duds than with a hot riverside photo shoot – The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition should take a hint!

Thanks for the boots Jo-Jo!! They kept me warm and upright – both very important for fishing.

They work! But make my butt look flat

Picking just the right fly

Matt was given his waders from his grandpa, and I would call them semi to not waterproof. I’m not sure they had invented waterproofing back when these relics were made, but Matt doesn’t seem to mind.

True to form, we caught nothing and had no bites….I guess that’s why they call it an adventure, anything (or nothing) can happen. Our pro-fishermen neighbors didn’t catch anything either in the same spot, phew. A fishing rule of thumb I’m learning is always blame something besides yourself if you don’t get a bite, or lie. I prefer sitting on the river bank drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade to freezing my ass off standing in the water for hours, so there’s my excuse.

Enough with the boring stuff, on to baby pics!!! Yes, you heard right, the H-Bomb is back and bigger then ever!

Baby bench-press

We visited the fam out in California last week and had a wonderful time hanging out with Henry, his parents and their pet menagerie. A couple very exciting firsts happened while we were in town:

First attempt at steps. Big H still remains a bit top-heavy to balance on his own, but he is close!

First bagel chow down. He has six teeth made for bagel tearing.

First child labor – weeding the garden. It’s about time he worked for his room and board!

Did some baby base jumping – not a first but very entertaining.

Here is the whole family out on the town. Henry thinks it’s cool to leave one overall suspender unhooked – NKOTB style.

Henry and Matt must be related because they share the same “I ate too much” blank stare when they finish a big meal.

It was sad to say goodbye to the family, but don’t fret, the happy redhead and company will make another blog appearance in August in Montana!

Cute Blue pic of the week:


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  1. Lissa Cenis

    I double loved your blog!!!! Love, Mom

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