When we moved to the North Side of Missoula we were very aware that it was considered a “trashy” part of town. Matt was excited to finally fit in, the man can create a junkyard in the blink of an eye. I was hoping to make it classy and neat, but to have a neat spot you have to mess it up first….In other words, the North Side won.

Matt takes a bite out of the pile...Blue is scared

Nothing says white trash like a sink and cabinets in the backyard

Taking down the 1980's dish attached to our house

Trashy feet a la North Side

White trash icon Taz even showed up in the garden! Better than on a car decal

After the big clean up - bucking the North Side trend

Blue Girl helped to clean up our trashy yard by eating roots.


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  1. Kyra

    northsiiiide! love how your garden is coming along!

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