Oooh, we’re halfway there!!

20 weeks of baby growing, 20 weeks to go. VBJ has found his/her kicking legs and punching fists and boy are they strong! I should mention that we had our “big” ultrasound and found out that VBJ has all its fingers and toes and we found out the gender. There are a few people who would like to be surprised in March when VBJ comes shooting out, so if you want to know the gender email me and I would be happy to share –

Me and the dogs in the future nursery

The baby part of our life has taken a back seat to the construction part of our life. In my last blog post I may have seemed excited about the pending baby room, while a little bit frustrated with the project. Fast forward two weeks, 5 weeks total of work men and compounding dust, and my frustration has turned to rage. In a very pregnant moment I told our dry wall guy (we call him Corn Dog our third roommate) that he was done and had to leave after running over by 2 weeks. He understood because as he eloquently put, I am nesting and hormonal…. So, now Matt has taken over the work. Look at him go!

I’m trying, in my own way from the couch, to help with the work and planning. My contribution so far has been picking paint colors, light fixtures and complaining about my expanding waistline. I would show you the color samples, but then you may be able to guess if VBJ is a girl or boy!

I am happy to announce that we have hired a cleaning crew because how can people live in this filth…

Makeshift dining room table = Matt's lap


I did make the guys put up plastic so at least I could not see what was going on back there. Isn’t it a lovely touch to the room!?

The green monster - Boston comes to Montana!

Everyone keeps on asking me when will it all be done – All I have to say is, sometime before mid-March, 2012…

Cute Wu pics of the week:

Wade cuddling with his ball

Blade and our growing library of kids books from when I was young

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  1. doug

    It’s all good K! Enjoy every aspect.
    Blessings to all,

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