All You Need’s a Little Patience..

I love that Guns N’ Roses song! Who’s with me? Anyone? Matt? Speaking of him….It turns out that Matt may be one of the more impatient people I know (Jen, don’t worry, you are up there too). We are closing on our house next week, yipee, but I think that Matt may lose his mind before then. I am pretty sure he has remodeled the whole place in his head 6 different ways and may be sneaking out of the house at night to go over and take measurements. Here’s the first shot of many to come!

My future gingerbread casa

My future gingerbread casa

To get Matt’s mind off of not being able to move into the house NOW, he decided to cook a nice meal a few nights ago. Let me add here that Matt is an awesome cook. His specialties include, pad thai with no less then 30 ingredients, killer chili, burritos, lasagna and every meat known to man (I think he has even made his own sausage before, eww). The guy has never let me touch the grill, never, ever, no way, no how, and has grilled some amazing stuff. So when I saw him marinating some ribs and pork chops all I could think was “score!”

He must have gotten distracted, probably updating the remodel plans of the house in his head – “Hmmm, a spiral iron staircase could work there,” and the meat ended up bursting into flaming balls on the grill. This was really an unprecedented and shocking culinary event. To make him feel better I choked down a couple charred, unidentifiable chunks of charcoal and assured him it was not that bad. It was though, take a look for yourself:

No pictures please!

No pictures please!

Well done

Well done

Let’s just say I’m really looking forward to moving into our new house so that Matt can get his head back in the kitchen and make me some dinner! Wait, maybe he will be too busy remodeling the house to cook, Shoot. I need to pick up some more cooking skills…

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  1. Steph

    Congrats on the house! SO exciting!

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