Stormy Weather

The weather in Missoula reminds me of Vermont. Snow then wind then bright sun then rain then hail then snow again….all in one day. It was bright sun the other day when I was walking across the oval at the University of Montana (big green space in the middle of campus where students play frisbee and hacky sack). I usually stay busy on the sidewalks dodging bikes and skateboards, but on this day I looked up to see ominous black clouds rolling over Mt. Sentinel and Main Hall. Students even stopped playing hacky sack to look up – shocking I know. I thought it was a pretty cool pic:


We are closing on our house tomorrow, yipee! Stay tuned.


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2 responses to “Stormy Weather

  1. Your domestic servant

    Missoula dirtbags refer to it as “footbag” not hackysack. Collectively they call themselves “footbaggers”, but most other people call them “douche-bags.” I know the new terminology can be confusing.

  2. janet

    I was in Vermont this weekend and thought of you! Well, and the campaign. 🙂 It was really pretty, but so rainy. Much like your lovely photo above, but with lots more rain.

    So exciting about the house! Let’s chat soon, miss you guys!

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