The Little Pirate

We finally got to meet Henry, Matt’s nephew! He is a cute little red head and is about 2 months old (sorry to all you moms out there who require baby age to be by weeks, we non-baby owners round to the nearest month). We totally bonded during the visit, I even had the pleasure of receiving the second biggest, bright yellow, baby poop-blow out on my lap.

Matt was in love with, and petrified of the little guy. He held him like he was an unstable uranium rod. It was hard to get either one of them to smile, but Matt managed one. Henry was probably not able to smile with Matt holding him so tight – can you blame the poor little pirate?


Oh, about that, Henry Jennings was the Mayor of a pirate colony back in the early 1700’s. Talk about a cool show and tell topic in days to come!

Matt is much more comfortable snuggling monster Zucchinis then babies, can you tell? Coochi coochi coo! * If anyone has any suggestions on what to do with a 5lb zucchini, besides watching TV with it on the couch, I am all ears.


We also had the pleasure of joining Henry (and his parents) on his first trip to a tap room! He was carded and totally busted with no ID at the door so he couldn’t drink, but we all could!

Baby and dad chillin' at the Bozone

Baby and dad chillin' at the Bozone

Little people...and Matt

Little people...and Matt


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3 responses to “The Little Pirate

  1. Ariann

    Make fried zucchini– I have a good recipe if you want it. The bigger the zucchini, the better!

  2. Steph

    You should make a few batches of zucchini bread – so good!

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