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Toothless Wonder

First a pop quiz. What is Josie up to in this series of pictures?


IMG_2639 IMG_2640 IMG_2645

If you answered pooping in a restaurant highchair, you would be right!

I may have mentioned that Josie is a little behind in the whole tooth development department. She has little friends who already can flash a full grill – show offs. Josie’s tooth deficiency has not stopped her from gumming down every kind of food we have put in front of her. She has gums of steel. Tonight during dinner I was trying to dig some food out of Josie’s over stuffed cheeks and BINGO! Is that something tiny and sharp?…A TOOTH! A TOOTH! Matt and I were more than a little excited. We both had been silently wondering, “is it possible that Josie will not get teeth?” Looks like our toothless wonder is now an 11 month old toothed wonder.

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