Pider Love!

A whole quarter has passed since my last post – how did that happen? Josie has changed into a running, jumping, talking, tantruming, two-year-old (almost). These adjectives are the biggest reason for not having any free time to post.

Josie is obsessed with the itsy-bitsy “pider” and spiders in general. I mean, what baby isn’t? So before she develops fear for these 8 legged friends, I thought we would support her obsession with a little Halloween art project. Matt would much rather have been doing some “real” home projects, but adding Josie to the mix makes most things a two-person ordeal. And sometimes he just has to suck it up and support my daughter-of-a-4th-grade-teacher art projects.

Pider obsessed:

Pider kiss

Pider kiss


Josie, as always, was a huge help:




DONE! and pretty spooky if I do say so myself:



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2 responses to “Pider Love!

  1. fencey

    LOL!! There will definitely be a day when she will NOT love “piders” anymore! Your front porch is adorable!

  2. lissa cenis

    I never understood how your dad figured out how to make a web and I still don’t understand how Matt did it!! Fantastic! It looks perfect on your porch.
    Your little pider helper is so cute. Love,Mom

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