The Bar is Ruining My Life

You might think that this post is a guest blog from Matt while he studies for the bar exam, it’s not. The feelings of life ruining are not only for miserable law students, they extend to their families – and that means me! This crazy company called “Barbri” insists that you must study their program for 10 hours a day or you will not pass the bar. They also make you pay thousands of hard-earned dollars for the privilege of boring you to sleep – yes, I have caught Matt “sleep-studying.”

studying through osmosis

studying through osmosis

I have also caught him “woodshop-studying,” which he said helps him focus. Barbri does not provide you with class credit, a guarantee of passage into the coveted role of licensed attorney, or even a back massage. What they have provided me with is a grumpy spouse and many nights home alone with a glass of wine, watching the baby monitor and re-runs of The X Files. They also gave Matt a water bottle that he can fill with his tears of boredom and frustration.

Josie has been helping to alleviate the tension of studying for the bar. She demands that Matt push her at break-neck speeds around the house on her bike yelling WEEEE!!! or RIDE!! She throws food into the dogs’ mouths then yells WADE NO! She also feeds Matt ice cream to keep his strength up for studying.

She even pooped on the floor and tricked Matt into stepping in it. She is literally keeping us on our toes. I am so grateful that Josie is a wild, bright, sparkly child who can momentarily erase the tension of a test that will determine the future of this family…(Matt, no pressure).

Sit family!

Sit family!

This episode of our life, let’s call it “the summer the bar exam ruined our summer,” will culminate on July 30, 31 and Aug. 1 with the big test – a brain ultra-marathon. Then we will kick back and relax at a real bar and wonder for the next month…did we pass?


July 10, 2013 · 9:27 pm

2 responses to “The Bar is Ruining My Life

  1. Autumn

    Good luck Matt!! Hang in there.

  2. lissa cenis

    I loved the blog. The ice cream video was cute. They say the last thing you read goes into your brain so what ever Matt was studying before he fell asleep will be with him for the test. Good luck. Love, Mom

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