Life As We Knew It

We recently hired a new CEO at my work and as part of his introductions he asked us to go around and tell him what our hobbies are. I froze then panicked. What are my hobbies? Do I have any? Could I say “infant sleep training and half-assed house cleaning?” I took a deep breath and decided to channel my cooler inner self of two years ago…I had hobbies then, right? I stuck with the standard Montana answer, fishing and hiking, even though I am not currently doing either.

My mom came to town a couple weeks later to help with Josie. Matt and I decided it was time to revive those cool people of long ago and go fly fishing. It took us over an hour to locate all the fishing gear we have jammed here and there over the years. I was dreading trying on my no-mercy-no-elastic-pre-baby-body waders, but somehow they fit! With one beer to split, two apples, trail mix, water and all the fishing gear we could wrangle we were off.

We decide on an “in-town” fishing spot called Kelly Island because there was the distinct possibility of Josie freaking out and needing a mom-mom or dada.

It was beautiful, quiet and tranquil on the river….and much needed.

Tie one on

Tie one on

Beautiful Skwala!

Beautiful Skwala!



I am not embarrassed to admit that we caught nothing, in fact, we didn’t even get a bite! This outing was less about catching the big one and more to prove to ourselves that those free-spirited, cool people who moved to Missoula four years ago still exist and are emerging after a couple years figuring out how to be new parents. Look out fish, we’re back!

Something else that we used to be much better at was getting the black pack into their natural environment–the wild. Since Josie came along the dogs have been playing second and third fiddle and are not happy about it. They have acted out in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, eating every piece of bread that comes into our house; dumping and eating the trash; bum-rushing dogs and people they deem sketchy; digging holes in the backyard, pooping in the garden, fighting dogs that look at them funny…I should stop as my blood is starting to boil. We came home this week to find Wade’s indiscretion on his head:

I love Raisin-Bran!

I love Raisin-Bran!

This bag had obviously been on for hours and we feel lucky that he was okay. We hope that he didn’t kill off either of his brain cells. Okay, okay, their life is not all bad…check it:

Into the woods!

Into the woods!

Best buds

Best buds


While we do miss a part of who we used to be and our adventures and hobbies, this is really our favorite hobby these days:

Cone head

Cone head


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2 responses to “Life As We Knew It

  1. lissa cenis

    For once I am talking about your dogs MORE than Josie and showing the picture of Wade with the bag on his head MORE than Josie’s treasured pics.
    Things are looking up for the black pack a little!!

  2. Erin

    oh, man. I hear you on this one! I’ve been feeling much the same as of late. I think we need a ladies night out where we can feel cool again…soon!

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