It has been a long two weeks. I have been traveling for 10 days out of the last 12 for work, worrying that Josie will forget who I am. Through the wonders of technology I have been able to watch Josie stuff her face, cruise around, and act wild on Skype. Whenever Matt takes out his computer now she points and says – Mom-mom!! Apparently I live in the computer.

Pack me!

Pack me!

Josie has been growing-up at breakneck speed. We have been particularly tickled watching her tri-chompers come in.

Check out my chicklet

Check out my chicklet

It is amazing the amount and variety of food three teeth can mash. I guess if you have been used to eating with gums for a year you make it work. She also bit my finger the other day and they are as sharp as baby shark teeth!

Naked lunch!

Naked lunch!

In other exciting news (it’s sad what is exciting to us these days), Josie has graduated to a new car seat! I have been feeling like she needs to know her Vermont roots, so when I saw the Britax Pavilion in cowmooflage print, I knew we had found a winner. Matt did all the important (boring) research on safety and it has arrived! Josie is psyched to get out of her infant seat but will probably scream in the car regardless of her swanky new throne.

Am I camooflaged?

Am I camooflaged?

Black Pack Update:

Where we used to support the wildness and spirit of our pack, these days we are trying to control it. Having a wild baby and two high energy cattle dogs has pushed us to buy some devices of control like a gate to relegate the dogs to the back of the mini van. Wade thought this was b.s. and found a way to squash his pea brain to the flatness of paper and crawl under the gate. We moved the gate down and he found a way to separate the bars and jump through the middle. That dog is dumb as rocks, but determined!

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