Happy Birthday to Josie!

Today Josie turns one – can you believe it!? A year ago this morning we were in the hospital deciding if it was time for Josie to come into the world three weeks early. I was in pain, Matt was stressed, and our doctor was calling in favors for an early morning emergency c-section. Luckily the surgery ended in joy and relief for all of us.

After a sleepless, challenging and rewarding year of firsts, I still find it amazing that we are all alive, semi-well rested, and functioning at a socially acceptable level. Josie is having a bunch of her little friends over tomorrow to roll in cupcakes and blow bubbles. Matt and I are having our friends over for hi-fives and booze to celebrate making it a year.

In this past year Josie has developed into a spirited little girl with definitive likes and dislikes. Here are her stats at one year:

Height/weight – short/wide. Josie is 4x the size she was when she was born!

Tough little 5 pounder

Tough little 5 pounder

Number of teeth – 3.5

Signature color – purple (unless you ask Matt, he would say brown)

Team Carhart

Team Carhart

Favorite words – bubble, buh-bye, HI!

Dislikes – drinking water, sleeping, sitting still, the car.

Most yummy food – fruit, fruit, puffs, cheese, more fruit, sigh.



Favorite books – DOG, In My Forest, Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?, Little Blue Truck…Not that she has ever sat still to read a book.

Jet-setting – Josie has been to DC, San Fran and Vermont in the past year.

Coveted items – bubbles, paper, anything electronic (tantrum material), shaker egg, daddy’s wallet (mmm…butt sweat).

tasty Mac

tasty Mac

Likes – jamming food in her face (apple does not fall far from the daddy tree), babbling (apple does not fall far from the mommy tree), The Black Pack, baths and helping dad.

Instructing Matt on how to make a dog bowl holder

Instructing Matt on how to make a dog bowl holder

periscope down

parascope down

The arrival of Josie has been a little hard for the Black Pack to handle. Wade sees Josie as a walking lick-a-stick and Blue sees her as competition for our love. We know they will all be good friends in the end, but it has been tough year for the “first babies”.

We found Blue trying to pretend she was Josie the other day..

maybe they don't see me

maybe they don’t see me

yup, they caught me

yup, they caught me

We could not be happier looking back on the last year, and we think Josie is pretty comfortable in our family.




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5 responses to “Happy Birthday to Josie!

  1. cherkesl

    I love this post! Happy Birthday, Josie!!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!! We love you!!

  3. lissa cenis

    Love her blueberry belly and foot on the table!!! Wade is a pretty cute baby in the car seat.
    Happy birthday sweet Josie. Love, Grandma

  4. lissa cenis

    I realize now it was baby Blue in the car seat! Opps. Love, Mom

  5. Rod

    Outstanding story! Josie is one very lucky little girl to have such creative and skilled parents!

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