100 Posts…and Still Rambling On

Can you believe than I have found content for 100 blog posts over the last three and a half years! This blog started as away to keep my mom informed of my whereabouts while I was driving across the country to move to Montana – also known as “the end of the earth” if you asked her at that time.  It worked so well that, by George, I just kept on writing! It’s been a busy few years collecting family members and life experiences. Here is the very abridged version of events:

1.  Got a job in MT. Looked up Montana on a map.

2. Packed up and drove out to our new home in Missoula. In other words, got the heck out of DC before Matt threw down any more vigilante justice.

3. Adopted a 3x rejected cattle dog named Bleu from the Western Montana Humane Society. Legally changed name to Blue.

4. Bought an old house on the North Side of the tracks and started the endless odyssey of fixing it up.

5. Found a homeless cattle dog in Arizona named Wade and brought him home (the jury is still out on this decision).

6. Got engaged on the North Hills of Missoula.

7. Married Matt on a rainy day in the Paradise Valley at his family ranch. The people, the food, the band – OH, what a day!

8. Got knocked up (surprise!) and survived a long painful pregnancy.

9. Birthed a tiny, perfect little girl named Josephine Luella.

10. Survived the first year with Josie…oh wait, we still have 2 months to go to cross that bridge…

Sometimes, when I am covered in puke (replace with poop, drool, food, or buggers depending on the day), sleep deprived, bickering with Matt, wanting to kick Wade’s ass, and staring down a dirty house, I just need to remember that I would not change a thing.


Thanks family!

Thanks for being my family!

Thank you guys too..most of the time

Thanks to you guys too..most of the time

P.S. Did anyone see two black cattle dogs running across the Oval at the University of Montana yesterday chasing a deer? Yup, that was the Black Pack at their finest. Matt made chase, but could not hang in there. We think the deer got away due in part to all the “baby weight” Blue has gained. Trouble-makers!

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