Baby’s First Griz Game

Last weekend we took Josie to her first football game. Baby, if you are going to be part of this family, you are going to like University of Montana Griz football. We were planning to hit two tailgates, really the best part of game day, but Josie had other plans and decided to take her first ever 3 hour nap. We were only running two hours late when we parked a half mile from the stadium…then we heard the telltale grunting from the back seat. After stripping Josie’s 5 layers off to change her poopy mess in the back of the minivan, we were on our way. We did not travel light…we never do these days.

Burley workout

We managed to score some meat and beer before going into the game. Josie was not happy that dad did not share:

I bought Josie a fleece Griz sack and protective ear wear (Em’s 4 Bubs) so she could fully enjoy the game. Lucky for Josie, she will also be welcomed at any NASCAR event with her stylin’ ear muffs:

I don’t need to hear the game to enjoy it. Go Griz!

Too bad the Griz did not play with the ferocity Josie expected:


This lanyard has become a coveted toy, and now travels everywhere with us. Josie insisted on bringing it to breakfast the next morning:

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One response to “Baby’s First Griz Game

  1. Autumn

    She’s the cutest, so fun to hear about your adventures with her!

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