Surgery, Solid Food and Scoundrels

After having my back cut open and fixed a week ago, I am feeling pretty good. I spent the last 14 months with constant and sometimes excruciating sciatic pain – carrying Josie around in my belly did not help matters. This will be my 5th surgery and Matt has had 5 too – Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein. I hope that our body issues are not genetic and that we are just reckless – wait, that could be genetic too. I can’t pick Josie up or carry her for 6 weeks, but it’s Matt’s turn to carry her for 9 months anyway. Another reason I am feeling good, besides muscle relaxers, is that I finally got to take a shower after a 7 day hiatus. I smelled like I had just hiked the AT and my hair had formed a brown greasy helmet, not a good look.


This is under half of the disc material that they removed from my back – nasty!

Josie doesn’t really care about all the hoopla surrounding my back. As long as she has her boobs, toys to chew on, boyfriend Finn at daycare and some sleep, she is happy. She started eating solid foods last week, and so far she has had rice cereal, carrots and squash from our garden, banana and peach. Apparently we only feed our baby things that are on the orange spectrum.

pick ’em from the garden before Wade eats them

peel chop

Steaming takes forever!

puree down to mush – man, making baby food is a pain

airplane attempt…hands cleared for landing

Face landing complete – Did anything make it down?

Black Pack Pic of the Week:

Oh the sad life of a McNab cattle dog… Both our animals are feeling like second class citizens since Josie came along. Blue has run away from home twice and Wade seems to be getting stupider every day. I can’t even remember the last time they made the blog. I sometimes think that Wade would like to be back on the mean streets of Tucson and Blue would like to be in the wild chasing (eating) animals all day. We put those notions to the test the other day when we went to the mall…because that is where people with minivans go. We came out after 45 minutes and realized we (Matt) had left one of the sliding van doors open. Oh shit, the dogs are gone…But, come to find out, they were still snoozing in the back – they chose to stay with us!! That’s what I’m telling myself. Realistically, they went exploring and were bored with the parking lot and could not find a tasty trash can or shade so they came back – scoundrels.

Blue (left) has been stress eating and now has a huge buhdonk

I dig holes and lay in them when I’m sad – Wade

We had a new being join our family a few weeks ago, we are now a certified zoo. Stripes the Orb-weaving spider pitched her web on the OUTSIDE of our kitchen window and it is clear she is there to stay. If she had been poisonous I would have removed her had Matt remove her, but according to Google, she is non-poisonous and great for our garden. We have been watching her catch bugs in her web, wrap them up and chomp them down. She ate a wasp bigger than her body the other day – she is amazing.


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