A Family Trip to the Swamp

*You may have noticed that I finally changed the banner picture above – It’s now of Headwaters State Park in Three Forks, MT.

Our first trip with Josie was awesome! After weeks of research on how to take an infant on a plane (thank you Facebook posters), we swallowed hard and set off for DC. Without boring you to death on the details of the tactical effort it took to get there, I will say that Josie slept 50% of the time, screamed 5%, tried to put things in her mouth and squirmed 40% and flirted with the masses 5%. Proof of our mile high success:

It’s all her crap, we swear

Weeee, I’m flying!

What are you looking at mom?

This is how we all feel flying

Daddy pack mule

I wish I could sleep through security at DCA!

Matt walked through Denver with my udder cover over this floppy package – what a new-age dad

DC was a blast – a blast of hot sweaty air! We shacked up with Addy and Justin for a few nights in the District then headed out to Boyds, MD for my cousin Amelia’s wedding. Josie slept around town in any bed we could plop her in, Matt complained about DC swamp-ass season, and I spent most of my time taking pictures and hiding under my udder cover providing snacks for little miss piggy. Josie met a slew of friends and family members and tried her best to be cute and behave. Here are some highlights:

Power players at Union Station

Josie is looking for a meal while we pose with Sen. Tester

Ethiopian with the ladies..ahhh, HELLO again ethnic food

Metro-fabulous, Matt is pretending to enjoy the ride

Sleeping around town

Potty rocker in the house tonight – ready for the wedding

Josie camped out in Grandma Lissa’s lap for most of the wedding

Beautiful bride Amelia and proud papa Tim

Josie forces Rosie to give her a foot massage…a little to the left, ahhh

Aunt Addy makes Josie giddy with her top baby fashion picks

Josie relaxing in Addy and Justin’s pad watching Obama on TV…she broke all the rules on vacation!

I have about a million other pictures including shots of Josie’s roadside poop blowout that I decided not to share… You’re welcome! Thanks to everyone who went out of their way to make our trip so fabulous.

I know most of you are wondering about our second-class family members Wade and Blue? They were lucky enough to be watched by our friend Steve who even let them cuddle in bed with him at night. They had so much fun that they asked to stay with him permanently, but we told them we would miss their mischievous ways too much.

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