Nice Rack

Before we left for Washington, DC and Josie’s first vacation (wait, her whole life is a vacation!), my husband Bob Vila Matt busted out a much needed home project in a few hours.

Our entryway shoe rack was a nasty plastic shelf I have dragged from place to place since college. It is so sick I am too humiliated to share a before picture. You know it’s bad when you don’t want to put your dirty shoes on a shoe rack because they may get dirtier. I showed Matt a picture from Crate and Barrel of a rack I wanted, and he is so cheap that he opted to make it. Josie sat outside and bossed Matt around.

I rule! Paint faster!

Matt is obviously Josie’s assistant

Where is all our junk?

The dogs have their hook, Josie has her shorty hooks and I have the rest – sorry Matt…

I am still working on putting together all the best shots from our trek to DC that included plane rides from hell, 103 degree wedding, booze/baby brunch, Sen. Tester and Josie politicking, bed hopping, and ethnic food-a-palooza. Check it out this weekend!

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  1. lissa cenis

    I love the coat rack. Tell Matt he could go into the business. Wonderful.

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