Town and Country

Well it happened, I became a soccer mom, Josie didn’t start playing soccer, we bought a Town and Country mini van (with stow and go seats!). Dreamy would not be the adjective I would use to describe the van, but boy is it comfortable and roomy – like driving a padded rocket ship. So why the dramatic down grade? First of all, we needed an automatic car because stick shift has really been bothering my sciatica (that and picking up our tank baby). Also, we were running low on space in the wagon with 2 dogs, a baby, me, Matt and all of our crap. Lastly, there must be a speed demon out there who is pining after a 6 speed VW V8 wagon to go 100 down the highway, who doesn’t have a baby. Matt drove  the van (now christened Blue Steel) home from the dealership at a cruising speed of 22 in a 45….that’s the mini van effect.

my van is sexy and I know it

Moments after we bought Blue Steel, we hit the road for Hot Springs, Montana and the Symes Hotel. Josie thinks the new van sucks and screamed the whole way there and back – it’s a miracle we are not still parked on the side of the highway trying to clam her down. She would obviously rather be driving:

Get in – let’s roll family!!

Here are some important facts you should know abut Josie at 4.5 months:

  • She weighs 14lbs (55th percentile) and is 23″ long (8th percentile). Looks like volleyball is out unless we use her belly as the ball.
  • She can practically outswim Dana Torres, and she has only been swimming once.

Jolly green giant

  • Her monkey toes are always curled under and full of lint. She can grab things with them…evolutionary advancement?
  • She has friends.

Wade drops a ball on her daily – play with me!

Saschy and her baby dolls

Nora – even though she can crawl and roll and Josie can only stick out her gut

She has a bunch of other friends, but they just don’t know it yet.

  • We have to dress her like a mummy for sleep time because she has tweaker arms.

Baby straight jacket = good sleep

  • She is full of screams and smiles (when she’s not crying).

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  1. Autumn

    OMG! She’s so beautiful! Love her!!

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