One Month with Josie

I can’t believe it’s been a month! All the days blend together when they consist of feeding Josie, soothing Josie to sleep, sleeping for an hour, feeding Josie, trying to shower, getting out of my sweats (sometimes), feeding Josie, feeding myself, watching Ellen, texting cute pictures of Josie to Matt, feeding Josie, sleeping for 45 minutes……and on and on. It is amazing that 2 straight hours of sleep is a luxury these days.

How do we make this baby go to sleep!?

Josie has had nothing but firsts in her first month. A couple of the notable ones were…

Her first tip to our neighborhood bar, the Kettlehouse, at 3 weeks.

Cut me off!!

Our first walk to the park at 1 week.

BOB on the move

Josie’s first adventure in the dog park with Wade, Blue and 50 of their closest dog friends. Josie’s favorite place in the world is Matt’s man uterus (AKA the brown Moby wrap).



Gardening out back – she is a lazy gardener, always asleep on the job.

With all these firsts, I was thinking of all the great benefits to not being pregnant anymore – here are my top 5:

5. No more indigestion – they say that if you have a hairy baby you will have terrible indigestion. It’s true! Josie is one hairy girl (takes after dad).

Fuzzy chicken hair-do

4. Fat pants…Oh wait, I am still wearing those.
3. Bu bye waddle – my waddle was exceptionally bad because of my back injury and included a walker for the last few weeks. Nothing like a geriatric looking pregnant lady. I can’t stress how amazing it has been to walk again.
2. FOOD – Hello sushi, lunch meat and soft cheese!!!
1. BOOZE – Not having a glass of wine or a beer for 9 months was torture. I will admit that I have only had a few drinks in the last 4 weeks because our milk monster requires a meal every hour, but those drinks were magical.

It’s been a great month and we are starting to see a little of ourselves in Josie – She is always covered in dog hair, cries when she is hungry (Matt), is grumpy when she wakes up (me). The one thing that is baffling is her olive skin, hmmm. Our favorite part of the last month has been catching the ever elusive spontaneous toothless smiles. We know that the smiles are not at anything in particular, but they are a nice preview of what is to come.

Funny milk dreams


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3 responses to “One Month with Josie

  1. Karen Nielsen

    Sounds as if she is getting well integrated into your lifestyle and that you are relishing getting a bit of yours back!!!! YAY !!!! When she gets this sleep thing down -she will be the best!!!!! “This too, shall pass.”

    much love!!!
    Karen and Doug

  2. Autumn

    she’s SO adorable! i love reading your blog. the ‘cut me off’ comment was the best. I’m so glad that you aren’t having as much back pain and can walk – so sorry you had to go through that. love you guys!!

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