First Week With Josie

Last Thursday Josephine Luella came into the world at 6:22am weighing 5lbs 10oz. She is tiny and perfect and it has been an amazing week (feels like a year!). We stayed in the hospital Wed – Monday because our girl needed some extra help and so did I. She came out with a little jaundice which made her look like a well bronzed Miami beach bunny. Here are some shots of the last week. Due to sleep deprivation and the fear that my grammar and spelling is lacking I will keep this to pictures and a couple of words.

Smile Matt!

The hospital made sure to keep close track of us:

Hospital arrest bracelet

4 ID's = overkill?

Matt was a rock star dad in the hospital because I could not really leave the bed due to my dumb back. Also, the doctor and nursing staff at Community were amazing! Here is a nurse helping Matt figure out how to put a 5lb baby into a massive car seat:

Does someone have my baby?

I know that most of you are wondering how Blue and Wade felt about this addition to our family. We met up with them at a park before going home so they could sniff and say hello. They could have cared less.

Blue says hello Josie! Now back to playing ball

Welcome home!

The first few nights at home were brutal. Josie doesn’t know her days from nights yet so she snoozes all day and parties all night – it’s like she is in college already!

Fake 4am smile. The magic finger calms the night terrorist

We also have to feed her double time so she can put some lb’s on her little frame. Here I am as Kate, the mad baby feeding scientist:

finger lickin' good

Cute black pack pic of the week:

zombie family portrait

My birthday is tomorrow – what a perfect gift!

Dooty calls!


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10 responses to “First Week With Josie

  1. Jen

    So precious! You guys are already the best parents ever and good to see that motherhood did not take away your awesome sense of humor and posting greatness. Love you and CANNOT WAIT to meet your little girl. She is the cutest!

  2. Karen Nielsen

    Thanks Kate and Matt. YOu all look like a typial new family!!!!Remember – “This too shall pass” and you will sleep again?? Is your back finally feeling better?

  3. Joan Holloway

    The very best birth announcement card ever showed a drawing of a smiling couple holding a baby, with a big sun shining from the corner of the page, and written across the bottom was “We are very happy”, and then you opened it up and there they were, still holding the baby, with a middle-of-the-night moon, looking completely frazzled, and the words were “…Very happy and very tired.”
    Enjoy her, and sleep when you can.
    With much love to the three of you,

  4. I love this post! You guys look awesome and Josie is just so adorable! Happy Happy Birthday to you!! Love you!

  5. cherkesl

    Love this post! Thank you so much for sharing. You, Matt and Josie are the cutest family ever. Seriously. Hope you have a great day! Happy Birthday!!!!

  6. ali

    i’m so happy for you two! she’s adorable and i’m looking forward to meeting her. have a fantastic birthday!

  7. Kylie

    Congrats you two! She’s so cute and tiny and sweet. She’s like a puppy – you can see her big feet (well they look long and sweet in the ‘4am’ picture) will mean she’s got a lot to grow into! CUTE! CONGRATS!

  8. Autumn

    Omigoodness! She’s the cutest and you are the cutest family ever. This post made me laugh – Josie sounds like my kind of gal. Here’s to you two getting some zzzzzzz’s and Josie gaining some lbbbbb’s!

  9. Joanna

    Absolutely precious!!! I CAN’T WAIT to meet her! Sending tons of love and birthday wishes to you. I wish I could send you some sleep as well, but I think lil’ miss Josie will be taking charge of that one 🙂 Miss you oodles. Keep posting on the blog. LOVE IT!

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