Wild Night is Calling

Here is my idea of a wild Friday night:

Items that make a wild Friday night

* Pre-registration hospital packet that is STILL not filled out

* Rogue baby socks that we bought a week ago and I found under the couch – I anticipate losing millions of these little things

* Computer for online shopping – hello new robe!

* Wallet to buy my new robe – Matt tries to hide this when he feels my online urge coming on, not this time buddy!

* Matt’s industrial measuring tape to measure my massive waist and bust to decide what size robe to buy – those numbers can’t be right, right?

* Baby gift thank you notes – thanks for all the sweet baby gear!! Now all we are missing is a baby. Here is Matt trying to install a “Bundle Me” car seat blanket from my mom, Wade is helping.

Wade lending a helping tongue

* The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer – Trying to figure out how all of this baby stuff works.

* Last, and most important to VBJ, Matt’s amazing dinner – Bacon mini-slider with ketchup, mayonnaise and pickles and avocado and couscous..I am a lucky girl, and so is VBJ.

In other baby news, we have met with our OB and specialist and they have decided because of my busted back to induce labor in 2 weeks (15 days, 6 hours, 19 minutes and 24 seconds..not that I’m counting). The date is set, pending VBJ’s lung development, for Feb. 27th. We have our fingers crossed that we will not have a leap year baby, mostly because that would mean being in labor for 48 hours – eeek! Our doctor said leap year babies are special, but aren’t they all?

Until the 27th, you can find me laying on the couch/bed reading up a storm (any recommendations?), burning up the internet and dreaming of a pain free motherhood.

A special shout-out to our little nephew Emmett who turned 1 this past Thursday. This picture was taken over Christmas with my mom – can you tell that she is ready for grandmotherhood?


Bump Watch – 35.5 weeks

You should feel grateful that this picture came to be. It takes an act of God for me to shower and get dressed these days. Notice the beginnings of a new banister that Matt is building.

Kate + 30lbs

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  1. Autumn

    SOOOO excited!! Where is your baby registry?! Love you two (three!)!

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