The Big Dump & Prep Work

Last week we had a huge dump in Missoula – the 7th largest snow storm in history. While it was hard getting our cars stuck and unstuck every 5 minutes, we did have some fun with it.

Matt had to shovel in his suit on the way to a practice trial (that may not have been so fun):

This was about half the snow we ended up getting

Here goes with my first attempt at video! The dogs had a blast skiing with Matt through the neighborhood and playing snow frisbee:

In other news…..
This whole having a baby thing is getting real! We have spent the last couple of weeks trying to knock things off of our to-do list. They have included:

1. Getting our car seat installed – We went to the fire station and had some qualified professionals help us out. They informed us that they take a 2 day class on car seat safety and that 85% of people install their car seats wrong the first time. All I have to say is that firemen + baby talk = HOT. I will be bringing my single girlfriends back for the post-baby car seat check once VBJ joins us!

2. Breastfeeding basics class – Without going into details, we learned a lot but it looks kind of hard. We especially liked the first bullet on the “do not” list – DO NOT chase your baby around with your breast..uhh, ok.

3. Pre-registering for hospital – How the heck do ladies who get to the hospital about to drop a baby fill out a 30 minute registration form!?

4. Baby room construction – As I am typing Matt is hammering away trying to finish the trim in the nursery. There sure is a lot of cursing going on, I hope VBJ doesn’t have a potty mouth when he/she comes out.

Wade trying to bite the nail gun

5. Stockpiling – For being tiny little critters, babies sure need a lot of stuff. Between hand-me-downs and generous parents and friends we have been doing great. The baby has a place to sleep, some clothing to wear, diapers to poop in, and a couple of ways to get around.

I can't wait until our new B.O.B stroller can carry this baby around instead of me! Thanks co-workers!

We made a baby registry, but I would call it more of a guess list of things that a baby may need – I mean, what do we really know about babies at this point? Nada.

Baby Bump Watch:

VBJ is now 33 weeks and 6 days old (not that I am counting the seconds or anything…). For you non-baby peeps, a baby is full term between 38 and 42 weeks but can pop out whenever they feel like it.

Note to self - stripes are not flattering


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3 responses to “The Big Dump & Prep Work

  1. you are so beautiful!! love the Bob!

  2. Lissa Cenis

    You are soooooo cute. Yes, you should wear stripes. It gives us the whole wonderful picture of how beautiful you are. Love,Mom

  3. Jen

    I agree!!! So adorable!

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