Single Digits

We are down to single digits of weeks until VBJ joins us, 8.5 to be exact. Ahhh!

We are attempting to nest, but with Matt having about half an hour of free time a day and my back getting worse and worse as I get bigger and bigger, that has been challenging. We decided this week to start putting together things in boxes… Lets start with the changing table from hell.

Little did Matt know, as he was smiling away in this picture, that inside the box this P.O.S. was broken into pieces. Instead of sending it back like normal people, Matt assured me a trip to ACE Hardware, new dowels, a bunch of drilling, a glue-up and an extra 2 hours of construction could get us back to where it should have been out of the box.

There was a lot of swearing and grumping so I did what I do best – laid on the couch and ate cake.

We tackled the crib last night – or the baby cage, as Matt likes to call it. That was a monster box that has been sitting around for months, so I was a little worried after the changing table debacle. It turned out to be easy breezy! We realized once we put it together that it would not fit through the door to the baby room, F*#k! So we took it apart and put it back together in the baby room. I’m sure we are not the only expecting parents who have done this, right?

First try

Wade helped by licking all the parts and our hands the whole time.

I have also been nesting by online shopping at 4am when I have insomnia – Ohh, we need a ___ (fill in the blank). I think we have a rocking chair, clothing, and an extra base for the car seat on the way (among other things). For our budgets sake, I hope this insomnia passes!

Cute black pack pic of the week:

Pack support

Baby bump watch – 31.5 weeks:

side view was too scary

P.S. I have so many adorable pics and videos of Christmas with the red-headed nephews that I don’t know where to start – maybe I will have a Christmas throw-back post in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

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