Happy Anniversary, Wade!

We have had Wade for one year today, and what a year it was! Some of you may remember the lengths to which I went to get this little goof to Montana, for a refresher click here. Since then, Wade has had adventures hiking in the Montana wilderness, gone on a couple of river trips, made an indent in the couch where he sleeps every night, learned how to play fetch, and even dragged my friend Addy down the aisle at my wedding.

Here are some things that we have come to know about Wade over the last 12 months…

Things Wade loves:
1. Food – he is a pig in dog’s clothing
2. His orange ball – he would literally jump off a cliff to follow that thing and he spends hours every night chewing on it

my precious, my only

3. Water – he has a drinking problem
4. Licking everything – he has the LONGEST tongue on the planet, like anteater long

5. Using his head as a battering ram – this is how he tries to get into our room every morning
6. Eating spatulas – mmmmmm, plastic. I think we only lost about 6 this year
7. Eating veggies from the garden and rotten compost – and we wonder why he farts all the time?
8. Farting and burping – he’s a disgusting boy, need I say more…
9. Having his ears rubbed
10. Snow – It is amazing that he is from AZ because he loves eating, cooling his undercarriage, and rolling in snow

Trouble, where?

10. Getting stuck crawling under the bed
11. Snuggling (at inopportune times) –

11. Blue – she is his best friend, part time lover and partner in crime

c'mon Blue!

Things Wade hates:
1. Vacuums – Kill, KILL!
2. Skateboards – I can’t blame him, who really does like those damn loud wheels anyway?
3. Water – remember this

4. German Shepherds – they must all have their butts bitten according to Wade
5. Mechanical tools – Wade is a Luddite, he wants to bite saws, lawn mowers, weed eaters, power drills, etc.
6. Being kicked off the couch
7. Blue – She is his evil big sister, frienamy and wrestling nemesis

Because of his goofy/disgusting/bubbly personality we have come up with some nicknames that have stuck – here are the top 5:

1. Fart monster
2. Sir licks-a-lot
3. Wadester
4. Lil’ Wade
5. Mr. Pee Bucket (his bladder is the size of a pea and he needs to go every 2 seconds)

Wade is a very important member of our pack and we love him very much. Our lives would be so boring without his daily antics!

night night!


P.S. We entered the home stretch, trimester 3, yesterday. See you soon VBJ!


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2 responses to “Happy Anniversary, Wade!

  1. Jen

    Happy Anniversary of being a Jennings, Wade! You are hysterical! And Congrats on Tri 3!!! Can’t wait to see and meet that little Jennings!!! Love you guys!!!

  2. Autumn

    Wade is crazy! I love the pic of him and Addy – can’t wait to hear more about your bundle of joy! I’m getting impatient!!

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