Chillin’ and Buildin’

7 weeks ago I dropped my busted camera off at our local electronics store, Vann’s, to get it fixed. They said they would have to send it away and it would be a couple of weeks. We found out last week that they never sent it to get fixed – WTF#$!!. Matt went in and had a little talk (threw a fit) with a manager, and voila! I have a brand new camera! People, the pictures from here on out are going to be…well, maybe (hopefully) better?

Since the wedding, Matt and I have been kicking around the house doing next to nothing and posing as part-time landscape design artists. We realized last weekend, as we were driving to a wedding up Rock Creek 30 miles from Missoula, that that was the first time Matt had left town since the wedding! What a homeboy.

A pressing project that we had to tackle was to get up a barrier between our house and the house 10 feet from ours. The bank foreclosed on the house last December and it has stood vacant since then, besides the homeless people and kids that go there to hang out – ugh! The house was slated to go up for public auction, so we decided to take some precautions against new owners peeping in our windows.

We built 2 trellis’ and planted a couple of Aspen trees…we waited until it was 100 degrees out for ultimate project misery.

The neighborly view into our living room

Matt finally lets me use the chop saw...must be a benefit of being married

Up! Ready to block

Honeysuckle - grow please

Our other big project was the boulevard in front of our house. It was nasty. weeds and dead grass and the occasional discarded beer bottle and Kit-Kat wrapper.

First we “solarized” the grass. I read online that to REALLY kill grass you should put clear plastic on your grass, soak it with water and let the sun do its thing. Well, needless to say it worked – look at those crispy critters!

Pre-solarization watering - look at our new tree!

peace out grass


Weed mat and mulch

sooo much mulch!

Drum roll please….


It’s nice to come home to a pretty boulevard with blooming flowers – and nobody has thrown trash on it…yet.

Stay tuned to see our new dining room table that Matt is staining as I type…sooo excited!

Cute Black Pack pic of the week:


P.S. If you are wondering about Wade’s little stink issue. Well, the fart powder did not work, so we went on to fart antibiotics and they did not work either…so plan D! We changed his food and he immediately pooped in the house (twice) basically saying, this food sucks and gives me the runs! Pray for us.

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  1. Jen

    Wow!!! Love all the work you guys have done! The Boulevard looks AMAZING and the trellises are a genius idea! Miss you guys — give a kiss to Bleu and that stink bug Wade! šŸ™‚

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