Done and Done

It’s official, no more living in sin! The wedding related day(s) went off without a hitch – or with a hitch you could say. It helped that Matt had a busted knee so he could not run away, and that we got married in the middle of nowhere…nowhere to run!

Who wore their gown better?

Matt in his hospital gown moments before knee surgery on 6/3/11:

Sweet gown

Me in my gown moments before taking the plunge on 6/18/11:

Checkin' out my bum

A BIG thank you to everyone who pitched in at the ranch and weed wacked, mowed, constructed bridges, assembled puff balls (damn you Martha Stewart!), painted signs, took pictures, hung signs, picked flowers, planted flowers, arranged flowers, hung lights, fed me booze, cleaned, played with our animals and babies, cooked, forced Matt to sit down and made the big day unforgettable!

Here are some shots of everyone breaking their backs to get the ranch ready:

Madeline = weed wacker woman

Flowerista Jen

Uncle Tim, the sickle bar mower master

Puff ball making HELL!

Bride in the tree!

the crutched wacker...don't tell Dr. Schutte

Max on the chainsaw

The flower pickers

Jodi the flower guru

Post work beers

Here are a couple of pictures from getting ready and the ceremony that we stole from friends on Facebook – thank you Mother Nature for stopping the rain for an hour:

Bride of Frankenstein!

I do!

Is Matt a giant?

Matt decided his crutch didn’t match his wedding suit, so he whittled himself a stylish wooden cane for the day. Later in the night it was used as a pole vaulting stick…. Last week Wade ate it.

ready to launch...


Pedro kicks it old school

Most importantly, here are candids from the reception – thank you Tom Catmull and the Clerics for getting everyone out on the floor:

Blue's new best friend Andy

Megan and Emmett, aka The Big E-Z

Henry and Lissa busting a move

Tom Catmull and the Clerics!

My pie hole got full!

The booth

A group of folks got together and got us a photobooth as a wedding gift which really let people cut loose. The best (worst for some) part is you can see all the good, bad and ugly shots here.

We decided the first thing we should do as a married couple, to ensure a lifetime of happiness, was to handle Wade’s farting problem. When we first got him, the vet told us he may just be nervous and that was why he farted (audibly) every 10 minutes. We now know that is not the case…. Being the dedicated dog mom that I am, I took a fresh poop smear in to the vet and sure enough, he has a bacterial infection that makes him a fart monster. He is now on antibiotics and some powder that may be illegal in 48 states that is supposed to solve all of his (our) problems. I have my fingers crossed; Matt thinks it may detract from his goofy personality if he doesn’t fart all the time…

Wade (right) is probably farting in this picture


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3 responses to “Done and Done

  1. Jen

    OMG — that is the BEST blog post I have ever read in my entire life. Seriously, I don’t know how you can outdo yourself with that one. Beginning with a gracious thank you, to an amazing wedding weekend and ending it with Wade’s bowel movements is just…. priceless. It was an amazing, magical weekend — and I know you and Matt will have an amazing life together. Love you both!!!

  2. Jessica Clark

    Congratulations! You look radiant and I’m so happy for you both. I like that I scroll down and the next blog post says “shit sandwich”. I miss you!

  3. Aunt Denise

    So happy for you and of course Matt is a lucky man – I know he will take good care of you and you him
    We love you & miss you tons !

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