Shit Sandwich

Most people would think that two weeks out from your wedding you would be stressing about flowers matching your shoes, getting tent heaters, counting the number of RSVP’s, and asking “did we forget to invite Great Aunt Zelda?”

Matt and I, on the other hand, are busy thinking about the ingredients that make up our momentary shit sandwich. Here they are, in order of suckyness.

1. Matt is getting knee surgery tomorrow. Yes, TOMORROW. Despite a nagging voice in his head saying “don’t do it, something is going to happen” Matt went to his soccer game on Tuesday night and blew out his knee. The Doc (same one that fixed my knee a year ago!) seemed to think Matt’s knee was an emergency surgery situation, and even though the Doc has tomorrow off he is coming in to do the surgery – overtime?? You must all be dying to know, will Matt be healed, mobile and drug-free for the wedding? The answers are no, no and yes! I am debating decorating his crutches with ribbons, barbed wire, twine or twinkle lights – so many options! We also think it may be fun for Matt to get a Rascal motorized scooter to buzz around in.

2. Our main car broke down today. I hired a trainer to get my ass in shape a few weeks ago – wishful thinking. She told me that I needed to quit alcohol and dairy when I informed her that the bottom of my food pyramid is cheese – ha! Come on, I’m from Vermont. I decide because of all the bad knee news in the past day that I would stop at a cute coffee shop and get a FULL DAIRY latte today. When I got back in the car it would not go into gear. After begging a friend to help me push it backwards out of the parking spot and driving in 2nd gear across town, I found out that we need a new clutch. Ouch, cha-ching!!!

3. They are predicting that the Yellowstone River will crest on June 19th. I hope everyone coming rented seafaring rental cars.

4. Last week I pulled my trusty little camera out of its pouch, probably to take a pic of the Wu Clan being cute, and it was dead – RIP. I brought it into the shop and they told me 3 – 5 weeks for a new one, crying didn’t even work. Thanks Kelley for lending me your little Coolpix for the pre-wedding weeks and blogging fun!

5. While in Livingston last weekend we hit a skunk…the icing on the underside of the car.

Pre shit sandwich, Matt and I were really trucking on wedding work. We headed up to the ranch for the last two weekends to work, work, work! Here are the highlights:

• I got my “wedding hair trial” which was weird but fun. After that I went back to the ranch and got back to cleaning up mouse poop, dust and flies. I looked HOT.

• Matt and I shampooed all the carpets – it was a pain in the bum and kinda nasty, but now all the little people can roll around on the floor.

• I forced Matt to do some rainy day crafting. We got so many splinters making these vases out of weird 25 year-old twine we found in the garage, but it was so much fun.

• I manned up and hauled fence posts, slash piles and garden trash to a burn site for a whole day. During that time a barbed wire fence jumped up and bit my forehead. I am not sure I am cut out for this cowgirl stuff? Matt sure is (the boy version), and I think I have him fooled that I am too.

Got truck?

• We turned on and dug out the irrigation system to fill the pond in the front yard for the first time in 6 years. Ditch digging is not for the faint of arms…I’m still sore. Thanks for the help Madeline!

Opening the gates of the river

Digging it out

Where is the water?

Empty pond

Pool boy skimming an almost full pond

I should get my patient to bed and get my nurse Ratched attitude and outfit prepared for tomorrow. Wish Matt luck!

Happy workers!

P.S. Matt and I are looking forward to looking back on all of this in a year and even 50 years from now and having a good laugh.


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5 responses to “Shit Sandwich

  1. ali

    oy vey! that much bad luck before a wedding only means one thing: a lifetime of happiness! get it all out now girl, and you two will be riding the good luck wave for a long time. let me know if you need to use my car for anything (course, it’s in the shop now, too, but should be back soon). my get-well-soon thoughts are with you and matt. xo

  2. derek

    Holy shit. Please let me know what I can help you guys with! here or in Liv.

  3. Jen

    Wowser! That is a lot to handle, but if anyone can do it, you two can!!!
    Matt — hope your surgery goes well and that you recover at lightening speed. If there is anything I can do from the East Coast, please let me know. I’ll be there early for the big day so you can put me to work (except maybe the river ditching, or whatever you called it). You know me…. I might be better at the crafty stuff! 🙂 Love you both and counting down!

  4. Jill

    Hey Kate!
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Matt as you head in to your big month! Sorry to hear that Matt has to have surgery – ugh! You two have a great attitude and a great sense of humor. If you can handle this, you’ll be all set “for better or for worse.”

  5. Wayne Jennings

    Hmm. I have been telling Matt all of his life not to do things. He never listened to me. Apparently he ignores every voice that tells him not to do something.

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