Jet Setting

In the past few weeks Matt and I have traveled to Vermont, Washington DC, Seattle, Spokane and back to the good ‘ole North Side of Missoula. It’s scary (but true) that many mornings in the last few weeks I have woken up on couches and in hotels and not known where I was. Here are some highlights from the trips.

VT – Wedding reception part 1, family reunion, ascent of Mt. Everest (Mt. Philo) with the in-laws and general merriment

Toast watching

NY and VA Family and of the star of the show, little Lily Rae

Mom's side clan!

The mountaineers summit Mt. Philo

Sugar on snow = VT Maple syrup, snow, pickle and donut

Wayne and Nancy, Matt's parents, dig in

DC – Addy’s kick-ass wedding, friend reunion and ethnic food face-stuffing bliss

Pre-wedding cheers!

My ladies - what a dress!!

Cupcake cutting with the bride and groom

Seattle – work and seafood….need I say more?

Spokane – Wedding dress fitting, girl road trip and epic shopping spree

Yummy dinner at Mizuna

Fake laughing for the paparazzi

Apres drinks at the Davenport

Key lime and chocolate martinis - don't tell my trainer!

I’m sorry, but I can’t show you any pics of the dress just in the off-chance that Matt happens to read this, but I will tease you with this:

Garden Watch 2011:

Back by popular demand (actually, no demand at all)!! It has been a long, grey winter and everyone is feeling the rub. I finally bought vitamin D today – and you may ask, why didn’t you buy it 10 months ago when winter started? Well, I’m an idiot, that’s why. At least we are starting spring happy! Happiness also comes from growing little plants.

Two weekends ago there was a momentary break in clouds and we decided to get down on it and get some green in the ground. Our raised beds have been a dog toilet all winter, so we had some poop to scoop. I should add that Wade LOVES veggies. He actually dug up and ate all of our carrots and beets from last year – I guess it’s better than him being addicted to eating spatulas…oh wait, he is. His love for veggies gives us a little heartburn when we think about planting more, and having him chomp it down.

Because I am sure it is going to keep snowing through Memorial Day, we only planted one raised bed out of three and crossed our fingers that Wade would not make it dinner.

How do you like my toilet?

domed, for their protection

Geek alert!

I have been following the winged migration of Ruby-throated hummingbirds to the north. It looks like they have almost made it to Montana – yippee! You can follow them too, here. bummer if you already missed them zipping through your area. To prepared for their arrival I bought a hummingbird feeder – they are going to be famished when they hit MT!

The installation

While I was in Seattle this week it seems that Wade threw his frisbee right into the feeder and broke it. Matt told me the elaborate tale, I have my doubts that it was Wade…….

This week we planted raspberries, which will not be ready for eatin’ until next year, sigh. We also planted strawberries, a rose-bush (how adult!), bunch grass, peas and onions. It is supposed to be 30 tonight so we will see how they fare.

Blade (A.K.A the Wu Clan) have been naughty and nice recently, but I will update you on those little dogs with some pics next time. Night!

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  1. Jen

    Ahhh… your garden brings memories of the fun dinner party we had when we made amazing home made raviolis! Miss you guys!

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