Winter’s End Adventures

Holy Smokes! How long has it been? I have not forgotten about you, my 10’s of readers out there, I have just been busy having some late winter/early spring adventures! Here goes..

Many moons ago, Matt and I won two free ticket in a raffle to Lost Trail Ski Area, which is right on the border of Idaho about 1.5 hours away. Blue ate the envelope the tickets were mailed in, but left the tickets alone so we figured we better use them.

We pulled into the parking lot, doggies in tow, and heard the familiar buzzing of snowmobiles all around. It actually reminded me of my high school parking lot in winter, the dedicated snowmobile parking section at least. All I could say was, “uhh, Matt, are you sure we are at a ski area?” Sure enough, the annual snowmobile hill climb was going full throttle!

Vroom vroom

If the title is not self explanatory enough, teams of snowmobilers try to drive UP the hill as fast as they can, and the fastest sledder wins…cash I think. We watched for a while, but the thrills and chills of scary downhill skiing crashes and sexy lycra GS suits was just kinda missing.

Team Polaris

Team Articat

Team Skidoo? Are you out there?

Regardless, we got in a great day of skiing and had lunch at a yurt in the woods! We pretty much had the mountain to ourselves, which is always a plus.

Yurt chili, mmm.

The after lunch lazies kick in

A more recent endeavor was a x-country ski trip to Yellowstone National Park – home of wild bison, a massive volcano, Old Faithful and critters galore! I can’t tell you how many times people ask me about this storied place and I have to answer, sorry, I have never been. I finally took the bison by the horns (please don’t try that) and made it out there, and folks, I feel like more of a Montanan than ever! I can’t describe how beautiful the place is, so here is a visual attempt:

Thumbs up to the rock thumb

Post ski drinks and sun

Taking a dip in the boiling river


The last part of the Yellowstone adventure was to stop by the family ranch on the way home to see the grass, flowers, trees and general state of the location of our upcoming nuptials. I pictured driving up to the house and walking around, but alas, the road a half mile from the house was impassable. I had dragged two friends (and a dog) with me to check it out, and neglected to tell them to bring snowshoes! Looks like winter is still in full swing up Deep Creek….please melt, please melt, please melt…..

Location of wedding - boots required

Dear two feet of snow, please melt in two months

There is a nice deck, chairs and a table under there

Cute Blade Pic(s) of the last 3 weeks – in order of cuteness:


Wade the butt pillow


Ball glee


North hills romp

Matt and I just returned from a week-long vacation to the motherland (Vermont). Wade and Blue couldn’t come, but from the dog walker’s reports of Wade going through the trash and getting caught standing on the kitchen table to get his banished toys, I think they could have cared less!

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