Bedroom Therapy

I have come to the conclusion that our bedroom is a hot mess. I say hot because it seems like when the rest of the house is frigid (thanks to Matt) the bedroom heat is blasting and making it unbearable to sleep. Also, the room is so small that I have to squeeze sideways through the end of the bed and the wall to get to my side, and fear that if I gain 1lb I will not fit anymore and will have to sleep on the couch. Also, Matt took apart my closet months ago and it has been sitting with wiring and insulation coming out of the floors, ceilings and walls ever since.

To add to this mess, the last home owners used a power sprayer to paint every room in our house. So, our bedroom is a dark purple cave with both walls and ceilings the same color. I can’t tell you how often I stare at the ceiling praying to the gods of color for the purple to disappear. Can you picture this hot mess now? Oh wait, add the massive log bed Matt built 10 years ago, 2 dogs and a tattered white carpet and the picture is complete.

Tiny closet before

Pre-demo derby

See ya wall!

The purple hole

Suck in Matt

New year, new bedroom countdown:

1. New paint color. Am I taking crazy pills or are all these colors pretty much the same?

And the winner is.......drifting dune

Wade helped in his own special way

Blue did not read the "wet paint" sign

2. New closet, every girls dream.
3. New pillows – Matt accuses our pillows of feeling like flat crackers on a nightly basis. To that I say, maybe it’s because your brain is abnormally large and heavy!
4. Make a headboard. I saw this idea on one of my fave blogs, apartment therapy, and thought, I can do this! We bought an old beat-up door at Home Resource for $25 and a piece of crown molding for $8. This project took about 3 hours and was SO fun:

chick + orbital sander = hot

attaching backing

painting the crown molding

Blue polishing the door with orange bees-wax

Matt and Wade making sure we are all level


5. New window treatments. Mom, some help?
6. New wood floors. This will probably never happen, but a girl can dream.
7. Buh-bye log bed (sorry Matt).

new frame, annoying dog helpers

8. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed dogs bite – yes, Wade likes to nibble on us in bed sometimes, so a “no dogs on the bed” rule is in the works. Blue still tries 5 – 8 times a night to get on the bed.

Cute Wue clan pic(s) of the week:

We have been cross-country skiing a bunch this year thanks to all of the snow, and the Wue clan LOVES it. One of the clan members gets kind of psychotic when released into the wild. Can you tell which one?


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2 responses to “Bedroom Therapy

  1. addy

    looks so good! and i love the little vermont and montana pillows!!

  2. Autumn

    i LOVE the bed headboard! It is awesome!

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