Wading through Christmas

Wade has been with us exactly 3 weeks last Thursday! He is yet to grow a much-needed winter coat, but maybe the howling winds and sub-zero temperatures we experienced in the last few weeks will help that process speed along. You aren’t in Tucson anymore little buddy. He did finally learn to run in the snow and ditched his Bambi act – thank goodness!

We brought Wade (and my mom) along to Bozeman for the second annual Christmas dog-stravaganza. Immediately, Wade and Molly (the 1-year-old wild lab/setter/aussi mix?) fell deeply in love. I think Wade likes his ladies a little crazy, if you know what I mean. We were missing Megan, Garth and Henry back in Cali SO much that having 4 dogs to corral, walk, feed, laugh at, and yell at kept us busy. Here are some shots of the lovers in action:

Love dogs playing tug

Molly shows Wade her love

Blue and Charlie were OVER it!

Those puppies are SO annoying!

The black pack and their lady walkers. Can you find Wade?

We had a super time at the 35+ acre dog park with the little pranksters.

Wade, Charlie and their people

Mom on the move

The flying Molly

Back on the wrong side of the tracks in Missoula, things between Blue and Wade, or the Wue clan as I call them, remain sisterly/brotherly…or so Matt tells me. I am an only child (insert rude comment or joke here) so the whole love/hate sibling rivalry stuff is a foreign concept to me. Matt tells me that Wade and Blue act similar to him and his sister growing up. The older, smarter sister having to put up with a little brother who is gross and annoying. He also pointed out that we usually think Wade is the guilty culprit since he is a puppy (like unrolling all the toilet paper in the bathroom) when it is probably Blue trying to get him in trouble. Megan, does any of this ring a bell?

This is the view from our back window of the dogs wrestling, which they would do 24 hours a day if we let them:

Backyard romper room

Matt is off for the month from law school, so I hope to have some cool wooden things by the time he has to start the madness again. Here are the things on his (my) January to-do list:

1. Re-insulate the house – boooring
2. Build Kate the farm-house style kitchen table of her dreams – yes please!
3. Make and hang coffee cup and wine glass racks
4. Re-paint the bedroom and baby room (no, there are no babies living in the baby room, it’s just so small that only a baby could live there)
5. Cut a hole in the back hallway and build stairs going into the basement…I did not approve this project, nor do I think I should without the 2 cents of an architect
6. Make Christmas gifts for our family – oops, late start
7. Re-design and construct a new closet for me. Matt started this project last summer by ripping out the existing closet…..then the man shack happened
8. Buy more tools to complete all the projects mentioned above…he is too good at this task
9. Clean up the dog poop in the backyard….a s#*tty job

The bedroom redux is around 87% done – stay tuned for the before and after big reveal.

Cute Wue clan pic of the week:

Wade loving his couch potato life

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