Snow Day with the Ladies!

If this is a sign of the winter to come, I am going to have a heck of a lot of days off! We got the day off from work today because of 3 inches of snow and some cold weather – umm, this is Montana the land of perpetual winter right? I’m so confused (and happy).

Just because I have the day off from work doesn’t mean that I have the day off from dog duty. We are dog-sitting for Blue’s best frienemy Zorra, who is a fellow ball-a-holic (non-recovering). I took them out this morning and almost froze to death. The ladies didn’t seem to care about my physical well-being as long as I kept throwing the ball…

As you can see, Blue usually gets to the ball first and Zorra bites her face all the way back. Blue is a bit faster than Zorra, but she is also a huge cheater.

The bearded snow queens:

The snow queens are now napping on the couch in preparation for their next sub-zero romp – poor me.

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