Many, many weeks ago (sorry for the delay people!) we kicked off the costume season by attending a Missoula Roller Derby event. I went to buy the tickets to the race, and the nice roller girl at the booth (her derby name is M. Kneesya) kindly corrected me that it is called a “bout.” Whatever it’s called, it was wild!! Matt spent a good deal of the bout with his head buried in the roller derby pamphlet trying to fully understand the rules of the sport….typical.

My friend Kyra (future derby name ‘Lil Viking) and I spent our time cheering on Dreadly Nightshade, the fastest hippie jammer on skates, and the rest of the ladies. The names of the players on both the Dirt Road Dolls and the Brawlin Mollies were hilarious. Here are my seven favorites:

1. Bitty Bitch
2. Viperella
3. PO’d Box
4. Montucky Lucky
5. Hott Mess
6. Booya Bootay
7. Hemogoblin (even had fake blood painted all over her face!)

Dreadly Nightshade scoring!!

The spectators were a mixed bag made up of hipsters, cowboys, grandparents, parents, children, and other loved ones of the derby chicks. Watching grandpa cheer on his little girl with her buns hanging out made me blush a little.

Dirt Road Dolls huddle

I desperately wanted to join the Hellgate Rollergirls after watching the bout, but Matt squashed my dreams – something about dangerous falls, unstable roller-skates, and 3 knee surgeries…..ugh, how boring! If you want to see more, visit their website:

Last night we had a raging Halloween party complete with bb gun target practice, roping, cake, and a kitchen dance-off. Are you wondering what we dressed up as? As usual, I had my costume a month in advance and Matt had nothing 2 hours before the party. We took Blue for a walk to drain her energy for the party and she was jumped by a neighborhood dog with NO manners. During the back and forth our little prize fighter got her face gashed….hmmm, we thought, how can we work Blue’s face gash into Halloween? Michael Vick, obvi. Matt spent the night in full character kicking and dragging Todo down the street:

Didn't Vick learn his lesson about dog fighting?

Look out Cptn. Kirk

Be good, Dexter is in the house!

Why reason with a poisonous mushroom?

I, on the other hand, spent the night yelling at people and bossing everyone around like a good bridezilla.

Hopefully I will be able to keep my inner bridezilla at bay when our wedding rolls around next June – if not, please feel free to refer me to this picture:

A great night was had by all…except a certain fighting terrier:

Rough night

Cute Blue Pic of the Week

She’s a lover and a fighter.

Scar-faced killah

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  1. Lissa

    Thank you Matt. I’m glad you reminded the little scrapper that she has had 3 knee operations!!!! It did look like fun though. Blue, Blue, Blue….talk about scrappers. Love, Mom

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