Peculiar Missoula

These odd little Missoula stories and weird Montana happenings have been piling up, so I feel I need to share them in the form of a top 8 list (yes, I’m having a brain-fart and can’t think of 10).

8. Double Rainbow!! I have seen 3 double rainbows in Missoula this summer – for reals. I feel like the hillarious rainbow dude from YouTube every time I see one. It’s so bright, what does this mean!?

7. Tightrope Walking – Matt insists that I call it “slackline” but it looks like straight-up tightrope walking to me. All that is missing are the cute little booties the Cirque du Soleil acrobats wear.

6. Missing posters – Quite a few animals get loose around our hood and it seems that people are looking for them tirelessly by posting paper flyers. This poor lady lost her lemon squeezer (huh?) revolver, and thought, why not post a flyer to get it back…no questions asked.

5. Bad-ass small dog – No, that’s not an oxymoron. There is nothing peculiar about this story! After so many months, it still warms my heart that Mojo survived (I am fairly certain that I could not survive for 9 nights lost in the wilderness).

4. Mustache political posters – I have never wanted to grow a handlebar mustache more. This guy running for sheriff, Carl Ibsen, has turned his awesome facial hair into a winning political strategy (maybe). I don’t care if he is some wack-job (which I am pretty sure he is not), the guy has my vote!

Mustache bullet points!

3. Woman survives bear attack thanks to zucchini – Remember all the pictures of my massive zukes? Here is a reminder:

Secret weapons

Apparently these things can be a lethal weapon. Next time I go camping I’m leaving the bear-spray at home and bringing a gigantic squash. This was such a hot story the AP even picked it up!

2. Skateboarding – East coast friends, have skateboards taken over that part of the country recently? They sure have here! I see at least 2 dozen boarders every day and 1 -2 terrible crashes. I have tripped over my own feet and bailed, fallen off bikes, ice skates, you name it…but these skateboarders seem to enjoy faceplanting while trying to jump a curb. I only wish I still had my purple flamingo oversized board and matching helmet, wrist, knee and elbow pads so I could fit in with this retro craze.

1. Potato blight – I am practically an expert on this crop disease from reading Angela’s Ashes, but never thought it would happen right in my backyard. Luckily, Matt and I were not counting on our potato crop for survival, or we would be goners. I like to call them moontatoes….

Not edible

Cute Blue pic of the week:

Since Matt is now at school all day rather than at home, Blue has been especially needy (read: annoying). She was worried that we were going to leave her behind this weekend, and would do ANYTHING to make sure that did not happen… she packed herself in the trunk and would not get out:


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2 responses to “Peculiar Missoula

  1. Janice Bacino

    Your blog is just wonderful, and I especially enjoyed this one. It reminds we of when we lived in Japan and blogged all the weird “hey is this normal?” sort of observations. You do it well, with affection and a newcomer’s keen sense of observation. Take care. PS I am in Missoula this weekend as I have work at the U on Friday. Maybe we will run into you.


  2. janet

    Wow, it’s like you are 8 trillion miles from DC 🙂

    Very quirky and cool though. What exactly happened to the taters?

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