Buh bye summer…I will miss you

My absence from blogging can mean only one thing, summer is over and school is back in full swing. This may be torture for me, and any other sad soul whose life depends on the revolving school year, but I would be remiss if I didn’t post about the amazing time Matt and I had on vacation in Maine….uh, a month ago.

Matt had never been to Maine, and I practically grew up there, so I was DETERMINED to make him love it. My insistence of it’s awesomeness was only topped by the white sand beaches, deep sea fishing, cold nights (Matt’s optimal temperature), warm days, lobster (drooling on keypad), big waves, marsh kayaking, wonderful friends and mom. Here are some picturesque highlights.

Creepy Boone Island lighthouse coming out of the fog - it's the tallest lighthouse in the northeast at 150ft

Mackerel galore! We caught dozens of these buggers

Matt pushing the Cougar Caddy to the beach - humiliated

Marsh kayaking


Low bridge - we did not read the tide right obviously

Beach Bocce with Mom and Gail

The vacation would not have been complete without a wacky one night stay at an Alpaca B&B by the sea. This newly renovated inn is an Alpaca rescue farm where unwanted animals go to be pampered, fed and loved like pets. We were some of the fist guests to ever stay here since they opened a month ago! The energetic owner also has a pack of dogs that she travels around with to compete in fly-ball and agility challenges. We missed Blue so much that we asked her if we could throw the ball for a while and get our dog fix. She said she would reserve her fetch-a-holics anonymous morning ball session for us. Oh the joy!

SpinnAcres Inn

Breakfast is served!

The boys and their mom

Please throw my mini frisbee Matt!

The team

It was hard to say goodbye to my mom and to Maine, but back to the Big Sky we went after one short week. What trouble was Blue getting into while we were gone you ask? She was at the Montana Dog Ranch – obviously missing us soooo much and having no fun at all….

I settled back to my Montana routine and went on a fishing adventure last weekend. I caught the biggest fish I ever have (17” Cutthroat Trout if you were wondering), but the big story was the bear we ran into – not literally thank goodness. Boy was he a fatso, just about ready to tuck into his warm bear den for the long winter from what it looked like. We would have been scared by the size of him….

Except that he was across the river and didn’t gave a hoot about us watching him stuff berries in his mouth. We decided to high-tail it out of there because where there is one Black Bear, there are bound to be more (yes, I had bear spray with me).

Garden Watch 201, the bitter end…no seriously, all of our veggies are horribly bitter.

Everything is pretty much dying as the cold weather moves in. My one piece of glory is the HUGE watermelon that just took off. I planted this thing in May and have been waiting patiently for 4 months to see some action.


Wacked out double cucumber

Hello frost, buh bye summer.

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  1. Lissa

    Loved your blog like I always do. I was getting worried and had started checking it so much your “hit count” will be massive.
    love, Mom

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